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It's just after 8 AM on Monday morning. Too early to already have lists.

Good things
Had to go to the lab to get blood drawn. Oftentimes, even though I go before 8, the place is packed. Today I was the only person there! Got in and out in less than 15 minutes.

It's raining. Yay! We need rain.

The weekend was lovely. 71 on Saturday and 75 on Sunday. Had the windows open all weekend. Darned cat scratched the screen on one. We don't own the apartment, cat! Stop damaging it!

Bad things
Slept less than four hours last night. Ugh. I have a "tired headache" (in the past year or so I started getting odd headaches when I don't sleep enough).

Driving to the lab and then to work in the dark. Ugh. The rain didn't help. I don't mind coming home from work in the dark, but driving to it before the sun rises is just depressing.

Toe is worse. Have to call and make an appointment when the office opens. This is part of the reason why I slept so little -- took more than two hours to fall asleep because my brain wouldn't stop running through all the possible bad toe-related outcomes, everything from returning to the hospital to them having to cut my toe off (stupid, stupid brain).

Non-List things

Three weeks ago, they did a culture on my toe. There were two antibiotics that would work on the infection. They gave me one of them, and apparently it didn't work. What will they do if the other one doesn't as well? Cut my toe off?
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