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Happy Thing #10

Happy things can be big or small. #10 is a pretty small one, but it's had me smiling and grinning for a day, so it certainly counts.

I haven't been enjoying The Walking Dead for a while now. I loved the first season or two, but my enjoyment of it has been going downhill fast, and then fell through the floor when [Spoiler from early this season] Carol seemed to be gone from the show.

But this week's ep? I really enjoyed it. Was it perfect? NO NO NO NO, but there was still a lot of good in it. Darned lot of good!

[Spoilers for this week's The Walking Dead ep.]
I wouldn't mind if the rest of the cast got eaten by zombies. Let this be The Carol Walking Show, where she travels around having adventures and being strong enough to kill people who need it. (I do wish she'd get a haircut though, I loved her really short hair! /shallow )

I strongly suspect the reason I liked this ep so much was that it was Carol-centric. I HATE Rick. I hate Carl. I don't like what Glen has become. I dislike Maggie a hell of a lot. Daryl is okay. Blond whoever she is who was with Daryl can go jump in a lake full of zombies. It's no wonder I don't enjoy the show anymore, since I don't like any of the characters who are left. (Tyreese is okay, though I keep wanting to call him Tyrell for some reason.)

I love Carol though. Which of the survivors is stronger than her? And that she's an older woman makes that even more awesome.

I think I need a new TV (or new ears). Often I have trouble hearing dialogue when the character is crying or something. I didn't know why the little girl was apologizing to Carol until I heard someone repeat it on The Talking Dead ("I'm sorry I pointed the gun at you" instead of, you know, apologizing for killing her sister. Kind of an important thing to hear!)

I'm happy with how the episode ended, though I would have liked it if the baby had been killed, too. Baby is too unrealistic, it keeps not crying and otherwise acting un-baby-like. I swear, in one of the scenes tonight I think the girl was holding a doll and not a real baby.

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