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Quickie update!

First off, I love the sound of this. Supposedly all those drummers are famous, and one person got them all together:

In other news, the MMO I play (FFXIV) had a fanfest this weekend, and kindly they had a livestream of most of the weekend. Talk about nonstop exciting! I'm kind of sorry I wasn't there in person, but there are a whole lot of benefits to attending from home, and it was just not practical for me to travel this year. (Plus tickets were nearly impossible to get, sold out in a couple minutes.)

In other other news, I hit the 12 day point of losing no weight. I eat about 600 calories a day (I used to eat more than that in a meal!), so not losing any weight for nearly two weeks was boggling. Was it a plateau? Maybe? So I googled how to break one. Unsurprisingly, the advice was all over the place: Eat more calories! Eat fewer! Exercise more! Exercise less! Eat only protein for 48 hours! Go back to a liquid diet for a week! I decided to try the easiest one, eating only protein for 48 hours. Just the way things worked, that also reduced my calorie intake to about 400/day. (Sometimes I feel like I have an eating disorder, eating like this...) I lost two pounds over the weekend, so maybe, if it was a plateau, I did break it. (Or maybe I'll gain the pounds back tomorrow, who knows.)

Between pre- and post-surgery, I've lost about 50 pounds now. (20 pre-surgery, 32 post.)

Things they don't tell you about this process (or maybe it's unique to me) : Your skin goes to hell. I slather myself with the strongest lotion I can find, twice a day, and I'm still nonstop flaking all over. I finally started putting olive oil on my skin instead, and that seems to be helping. Too bad I can't put it on my scalp, because that is flaking as badly as the rest of me. :/

But hey, at least I have two more months before I'll start losing my hair! :P (At the three month point you lose some to all of your hair. I really, really, really hope I'm on the low end of that hair loss scale.)
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