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Things that amuse Thistles

It's a tag! It's a title! It's Thursday!

1) I had a very hard time not laughing out loud at work over this video. Mulan's I'll Make a Man Out of You, translated repeatedly through an online translator, sang by an entertaining fellow. With special guest star: President Obama!

2) I've been trying very hard to make time to watch Reign (I'm so far behind, still in season one!), and I was able to watch three episodes this week. Last night's was the most amusing one ever!

While the episode is a year old, I'll cut it anyway, just to be safe.

[Sexual defenestration's not my thing / I would not do it with the king.]
Bwahahaha he fucked her out a window! This was the best episode ever! Not just that with a thrust of his kingly hips did she get pushed out a window, but then the king and queen trying to deal with the body!

"Why's it so hard to get the blood out of this rug?! How do the servants do it?"
"They...dip it in something."

I love this show so much. It's sort of like those Xena/Hercules shows from the... 80s? 90s? but with a whole ton of endlessly sexy people, beautiful costumes, and interesting settings. Camp and sex and endlessly amusing storylines. Plus King Henry in his skintight leather pants is the hottest thing ever.
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