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Darned strike...

The three-day work on my apartment's heating unit had been put off because there was a strike in a major port. That was annoying, but not too big of an issue.

Know what is a big issue? The same strike is keeping me from getting my new computer. GRUMBLE!

I ordered it on 3/7. It was supposed to ship by 3/18. That's three working days from now, and they don't even have the parts yet. Blah.

I was mostly okay with my glacier slow computer, until I ordered the new one. Now I get endlessly grumpy that I'm so much slower in game than everyone else.

I know I'm not their only customer effected by this, but I'm going to ask if they can upgrade my shipping anyway. Also, this explains why their live help/customer service chat has been offline for days...
Tags: computer troubles, things that annoy thistles, things thistle must have
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