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Free books (ebooks, Kindle)

My once-a-month offering of books to review from a publisher (see end of post) seems to have upped to twice-a-month. Once more, none of the books they offered were ones I wanted to read, but some had some mighty amusing covers, plus there was the usual collection of free-on-Amazon offerings.

Checked Out By Sharon St. George, made me stare at the cover, but the blurb is even more amusing.

Rodeo cowboy Cody O’Brien sneaks away from Timbergate Medical Center the night before his testicle surgery and is found dead in his horse trailer. Aimee’s colleague and friend, Cleo Cominoli, suspects the woman urologist scheduled to do Cody’s surgery is somehow mixed up in his death. Cleo’s fiancé is scheduled for prostate surgery by the same woman, and she pleads with Aimee to help her investigate before her intended becomes another victim.

Cover #2 is more than a little NWS, so I'll stick it behind a cut.

While the title, Giving It Raw, may sound like porn, supposedly it's not. With that cover though...

The free ebooks are apparently sometimes not available for free outside of the US, so heads up on that.

If Only to Love You -- Romance
Blue Moon (The Blue Crystal Trilogy (Book One) 1) -- Supernatural horror
Tapas, Carrot Cake and a Corpse (A Charlotte Denver Cozy Mystery Book 1) -- Mystery
THE SECRET HOUR (Killing Time Book 1) -- Paranormal romance
A Lady of Esteem (Hawthorne House): A Novella -- Romance
Finding Love Again (A Clean Country Romance) -- Romance


After reading the awful reviews on those free items, and noticing that more than half are self-published, I had to wonder: Why would a publisher be sending me links to free books not published by them? So I did some googling. Turns out these monthly/bi-monthly emails come from some kind of service, not a publisher: They charge authors $25 to be listed in these emails.

I considered taking this and my other 'free books' posts down, because do I really want to help some service advertise? But... I guess free books are free books. Does it matter if an author paid $25 to get a link to his books into my/your hands so long as we get it for free? (Not a rhetorical question!) I think it doesn't matter, so I'm going to post this.

You know, I would think Amazon would offer a service like this: A list of ebooks it currently has available to download for free.

Edit: Well here we go. Top 100 free books. Not a list of all the free ones, but it's a start.
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