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Second verse, same as the first...

Oh the joys of ingrown toenails. After having my toenail removed five or six times, my podiatrist decided we should remove it permanently. Unfortunately that's a bigger deal than just removing it -- actual surgery (outpatient). They have to cut into the bone itself to kill the nail bed so it won't grow back. Stitches after, all that. Fun.

For three days, I have to keep the same bandage on. That's a challenge, as in the first hour I bled through it. Luckily I had planned to work from home yesterday, so I was able to keep it elevated the whole day, which helps a lot with the pain. It does make showering a challenge though. This morning I stuck my foot in a plastic bag, rubber banded it around my ankle, and kept my foot on the edge of the tub. Not the best solution, especially since I had to wash my hair facing the shower head, but better than no shower or washing in the sink.

With all the bleeding, I'm worried about taking the bandage off on Thursday, but she used nonstick bandages so hopefully it won't be too painful. A week after (on Monday) I have to go see her again, I assume to have the stitches removed.

Hopefully, once this heals up, it will be the end of this toe issue. I try not to think about having nine other toes that could act up in just the same way...

Yesterday was also my first day back to work after my vacation. Worst First Day Back Ever. :P

I really need to make a post about my weight loss surgery. I missed posting about it on the one year anniversary (approaching 13 months now), I just never feel like writing about it.
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