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Happy new year! Boo end of vacation...

irreparable had a fun idea: Post the first sentence of the first post for each month in 2015.

January: Happy New Year, everyone!
February: The Jurassic World Lego Game Trailer is really cute:
March: When I reviewed the first Seraphina book, I loved it so much I couldn't decide which reason for loving it to write about first.
April: Remember today is April Fool's (AKA: The worst idea ever).
May: Back in the early days of reading Flower's Fang by the same author, I had been enjoying the book enough that I went in search of other things by her, and stumbled upon this free short story.
June: It's no secret that I like reality TV (of the cooking contest variety, not the stupid people behaving badly kind), but American reality TV is just getting nastier and nastier.
July: While this book didn't work for me, I didn't hate it while reading it.
August: I was offered a book for review, so I read the blurb.
September: A fandomsecrets secret used the word outercourse, and I wasn't sure if it was a real word or not, so I decided to google it.
October: I'm this close to knocking this series' score down from a Liked to an Okay, just because of how darned short these books are.
November: There are horror stories about how hard it is to cancel your Comcast service, so I was dreading having to call in and cancel my TV service.
December: On my last post, elfy had the good suggestion to record my eating -- to use an app to count calories and track my intake.

I was worried it would be 12/12 book review posts, so that list actually ended up better than I expected. In 2016 I have to try posting about more things.

My company shuts down for the week between Christmas and New Year's, and this year that includes two weekends, so it's been a nice little vacation. I've done nothing at all during it, and it was quite wonderful, even though it passed too quickly. On Monday I had to take my car in for an oil change (which turned out to be a 4 hour, $300 thing...) but other than that, I haven't even left the house in a week. I know lots of people wouldn't like that, but for me it was wonderful!

Somehow I fell behind on LJ reading, so I have a whole lot to catch up on today. I'm up to yesterday's posts, so I'm doing well with that. (Had this post window open for hours while doing other things. Caught up now!)

I know lots of the country is having a warm winter, but it's horribly cold here. I used to enjoy winter, but not anymore. I'm endlessly freezing, even dressed in multiple layers (including a big robe).

I haven't set New Year's resolutions since high school, just ongoing goals from whatever time of the year I decide to make them. This year's will be unsurprising: Weight. Getting under 200 pounds is the "easy" goal and will happen soonish (under two months, I'd guess). I'm not sure if I can make my final weight goal by the end of the year or not, but if not then just keep working towards it.

My toe is finally, FINALLY healing. After almost exactly two months (two days short of two months), the scab finally fell off. While it's not fully finished healing yet, Monday I'm going to try to go back to walking. (The skin still looks odd, but everything is closed up now, so hopefully that will be fine.) It was quite a troublesome toe, I had to do three rounds (six weeks) of antibiotics to heal up the infection. Fun times!

And lastly, my New Year's Eve was quiet. As usual, I was asleep at midnight (don't want to mess my sleep schedule up when work is around the corner). Around 2:45 AM someone was yelling right outside my bedroom window. I woke up with a start, thinking it was someone inside my apartment. Got up, walked around, checked all my windows and doors, and finding they were still locked went back to sleep.
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