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Cooking of the week: Stuffed shells! ( C- )

When I didn't eat meat, I was eating pasta a few times a week. Once I went back to it, I never ever wanted to eat the stuff I had been eating for the past eight years (pasta, pizza) ever again. Finally, for the first time, I was semi-craving pasta.

Checking around the net, I found this recipe for stuffed shells. Looked simple enough, so I decided to try it!

First off, this cooking at home thing? So not saving me money. Which is backwards of how it should work.

Anyway, the whole process ended up taking a heck of a lot of time and was messy as hell. Clever fellow that I am, I used a trick I saw on some cooking show: I put the cheese mix into a ziplock bag and cut the corner off so I could "pipe" it into the shells. I'm really not sure if that was all that helpful or not. I really needed a third hand or a helper, it was really hard to hold the slippery shells open without ripping them with one hand and fill them with the other hand.

Following the recipe, I put the mozzarella cheese into the sauce instead of sprinkled on top. I thought that was kind of odd, but that's what the instructions said... That didn't work out. Instead of getting nice stringy cheese, I got bits of it in the sauce, not stringy at all.

The whole thing was seriously lacking in flavor, which is a problem since the recipe made a metric buttload of shells. Seriously, I must have enough for ten or more meals. My tiny freezer is overloaded! (All these leftovers would be great if it actually tasted good. Hopefully they'll be better reheated or I'll end up just throwing them out.)

I probably should grade this lower than a C-, but my rule is if it doesn't make me sick, it gets a passing grade. So this passes, barely. All eight ziplock bags of them.

Anyone want some stuffed shells?
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