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i can haz wuf? (RL, FFXI, TV, WoW)

TV first, since I'm melting. I'm not usually interested in American Idol once the auditions are over, but this season there's the hottest guy on it. He's openly gay, which makes him even more interesting. He was a stage performer before this, so he's really comfortable on stage.

Click this and tell me it's not the hottest thing ever. Song starts at 1:45 in. (Watch it quickly before You Tube removes it for copyright issues.)

LJ: I've finally, belatedly, starting using tags. I want to go back and edit my old posts, but I have 3,846 untagged ones to edit. Blah. Am I insane enough to try to do that? Especially since so many of them are so old I'd have to read/skim the post before I could correctly tag it? Blah.

RL/food: I've decided I'm going to throw away the rest of those stuffed shells I made this weekend. I had some for dinner, doctored up with more sauce and more cheese (!!! -- Pasta stuffed with cheese, covered in sauce with cheese in it, now with even more cheese on top!) . They must have a kazillion calories in them, and since they still tasted "meh" at best, what's the point? If you're going to have something with a lot of calories, you should enjoy it, not force yourself to eat it. Oh well, I tried.

WoW: I've taken on a new project, and while it's sometimes boring/annoying, it sure does fill up my time well! Tauren are big ugly critters, and putting them atop a big ugly kodo only makes it worse. So I'm working on my orc reputation so I can get a wolf! WoW quests are pretty boring even when you're getting XP/good rewards from them. WoW quests without the XP/rewards are... blah. There are good points to it though, I can do a lot of group-type quests that I had to skip when I was low level. Plus it's sort of fun to be able to ride right into the middle of mobs to fetch X from their camp, or one-shot some named guy I have to kill.

I went back to try to level my DK. Since he had no professions, and since skinning is such good money on my hunter, I picked that up on him. Killed a mob, tried to skin it... no go. Blah. He has to skill it all the way up. Maybe one day. At least I finally got his talents in what seem a workable format (Veloxe's hybrid idea).

I want to make a new DK on the whatchamacallit RP server that Nai is on, too.

FFXI: Another good Hot & Cold day -- 180K gil in the couple minutes it takes to do the event! I got two wooden flower pots again, woo woo. They sell for about 90K each, fast moving.

Dynamis was tonight, and happily I finally got some AF. WAR and MNK hands, which are the last two things I need from Jeuno! One zone down, a bunch left to go. :/ Inventory -2, but one step closer to finishing both sets (2/5 WAR, 3/5 MNK). BRD, RDM, BST are still 4/5, WHM is 2/5, BLU is 1/5.

Nothing I need to/want to do in FFXI, but lots to do in WoW, so I guess it all works out. Maybe when the expansions come out things will change.
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