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Final BSG ep...

I had mixed feelings about a lot of things, but not about one of them...

WTF, BSG? You killed Laura! She and Bill were owed a happy ending! You pulled off all this crap, Starbuck apparently really was an angel (grrrr), but you couldn't somehow have given them a happy ending? It's so unfair, I've been crying since they landed on the planet and were watching the animals together.

I don't like a lot of it. Okay, they had no choice, but these modern people are going to somehow survive on this world? Good luck with that. I liked how suddenly all of them knew how to hunt, build houses, and farm (Baltar excluded, that was sweet as hell).

Very not happy with Starbuck's end (other than her being gone, yay). I would have liked a more reasonable, logical answer for how she was able to see her own body. I don't buy angel, not at all.

I loved that the lawyer came back and was president for a time. :D

Yay Sam was useful for a while?

I loved Baltar/Six through it all, Baltar's evolution especially. I think he's my new favorite character.

I felt surprisingly little for Chief attacking Tori. I'm sure there's some message in there though, a single murder restarting a war?

Oh, a new BSG series is coming though! Yay!

I know the series was dark, and I like dark, but ... but I just wanted a happy ending, just a little one. Bill and Laura should have gotten to stay together. This is stupid, I can't stop crying over it. I suppose that's the reaction the writers wanted, damn them.

And in conclusion: I'm never, ever buying a toy robot.

I really want to stay up and see what everyone else thought, but I'm already late for bed and I've been so short on sleep lately.
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