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Cooking: C-, Weekend: D-

First off, Happy Birthday peppygrowlithe! Yay! I even got you something (sort of!). A growlithe drawn by hamburger!


Cooking: I wasn't planning on cooking this weekend, but I had a pouch of orange chicken sauce and a bunch of chicken, so how hard would it be to combine the two? First off: EWWWW, touching raw chicken is the grossest thing ever. I had to cut it up into little chunks, then tossed it into the frying pan to cook. Two batches, then toss it all back in with the sauce.

Once again, I forgot to salt and pepper it. *facepalm* In my defense, the packet's instructions didn't say to, but I think it would have helped.

The sauce was good, but the chicken had an odd texture. I probably overcooked it (my biggest worry in cooking is undercooking things). I ate some of it, but it wasn't very good at all.


Weekend: Blah. Saturday is always Dynamis on FFXI, which means a six hour chunk out of my day (BLAH), but on top of that was that I needed to Campaign to keep my rank. Usually I wouldn't care if I lost the rank, but with the update coming it might be important. So that was another couple hours. Add onto that my usual digging and H&C (so of course lots of muling as well), and basically my whole day was FFXI. Once Dynamis ended, I couldn't log off fast enough.

Sunday: WoW day... which should have been yay! I had been wanting to do it all day Saturday, but once I logged on I didn't want to do anything. Grinding rep is killing me. 6K more needed and I'm just about out of quests (and that's with turning in hundreds of gold worth of cloth already, too). I'll need to do about 80 more stacks (if I do cloth alone), so that's about 400 gold right there. Feels like such a waste, but dammit, WoW quests are annoying when you get good XP/money/reward from them, doing them for nothing but rep is killing me.

To break things up a bit, I XPed some. Went from 58.5 to 59.5. My plan was not to hit 60 until I had the rep finished, but... blah. We'll see.

No RP at all this weekend, which was sad, but as busy as I was on the games I couldn't even really ask for any. Darned coming week is going to be busy, too. :/

Monday: Attempt #2 at the CoP pots BC. Blah. Really hope we win this time. Stupid pots. Stupid CoP. Very tired of missions.
Tuesday: Dynamis. /wrists

I need to go grocery shopping at some point, too. I'm almost out of fruit, other than some many-weeks-old apples (I'm afraid to look into the bag and see if they're still good). Plus I'm almost out of my wonderful 'a full serving of fruit and vegetables in one serving of juice!' juice. I only drink a half-serving per day, but maybe with as little food as I eat now, I could increase it...

Fun fact: I can't spell "vegetable", I have to look it up every time. I live in fear of mixing up angel/angle too, so I always look that one up as well. I'd fail a third grade spelling test!
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