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Stolen Fortunes and Creative Juices

I had Chinese for dinner. As usual, my cat was eyeing it. I was watching her in amusement as she snuck closer and closer... then she snapped into action! But did she steal my chicken? Nope. Rice? Nope. My cat grabbed my /fortune cookie/ and ran off with it (mind you, it's not much smaller than her head). She almost got away with it, I was laughing so much. I wish I had had my camera handy; she had her lips and whiskers drawn back, holding the cookie up high. She crunched into it before I got to it. And her fortune? 'What starts as a vice today may be a virtue tomorrow.' Fitting.

And in other news! is coming right along! I put a main graphic up on the front page, and look! A custom 404 page! I've always wanted to make a custom 404 page (wow, that sounds silly, but it's true!). I still need *real* content, but those two things are a start!
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