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Pots, food, rep

Pots: Blah. 0/2 FFXI CoP pot BC. We got somewhat closer tonight (almost got the second BLM pot killed before we wiped and/or it regened to full). Hate for CoP: Returning.

Food: What a good/bad day I had! I ate under 700 calories, though not on purpose. The side effects of the med I mentioned a week or so back? They've finally started kicking in. Blah. "Bathroom! Bathroom! I need a bathroom!" Oatmeal for breakfast, small sandwich for lunch, I had intended to have a good-sized dinner, but stomach issues hit on the way home from work and suddenly I didn't want food at all~! Eventually I nibbled (ate about half of a 200 calorie frozen dinner thing), but my stomach is still feeling muchly icky.

Rep: Woo! I found a zone in WoW I had never been to! The Badlands! And they had quests! Orc given quests! Getting 250 rep from a quest is more than 3 stacks of runecloth! So that saves me, um, *counts on fingers* 21-ish gold! I had very little time tonight (see also: CoP. Blah.), and no time tomorrow (...Dynamis...yay...) but Wednesday! Unless I can pounce D then to RP with Squall. (I really should read his work schedule when he posts it, but it always feels like I'm peeping in on private stuff. :P ). @3,500 to being totally done with rep. Then I need to finish getting to 60 (close!), then this will be me! ...just with less boobs and more hair on my face.

The Shera crew is going to go on a monster hunt, yay! I'm not exactly sure how we're going to get the mob into the airship. (We're hunting an Iron Giant, which I'm picturing like the one from the movie, which would make it bigger than the airship, ha!) But it'll be fun!

I also have another idea for a scene. *wiggles!* Sometime when we want random RP. (I bet one of the SeeDs on board must be some random healing type?) Heeheehee. We're going to have pets on the ship yet!
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