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Extra tired this week and I keep going to bed later and later! (RP, WoW)

Every day this week I've been more tired than the last, and every day I stay up later than the last! Hmmmm, wonder why I'm so tired? :P

It's strange, but sometimes I'm actually embarrassed for WoW. One of the two professions my hunter has is herb gathering. I've been falling behind on that to the point of it not being useful anymore, so I decided to work on it tonight. In one evening, I got 117 levels of it. (For non-WoW people, it has 450 levels total.) I did all that in one single zone, just riding in circles over and over until my eyes bled.

I'll probably dream about little glowy plants tonight!

(I feel bad saying bad things about the game, since I am enjoying it, but that's... that's just silly. It's like when I started with a new weapon, had zero skill in it. In three kills (kills! Not hours! Not days! Not weeks!) I was as high level with it as I was with any of my other weapons.)

Still loving my wolf mount! It's so much fun to lope! Lope on a lupe~ And growl at random people who come too close!

RP: Yay! Little scene to start the ball rolling on the Hunt thingie we're going to do.

Hm. I probably had more to write about than that, but572fnjklavvkfam;v;a *headkeyboard* zzz
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