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I found CoP in WoW! And other three letter alternating capitalization words! (FFXI, WoW, RP)

As usual, my friends list was right! Right about two things! One was very odd: I switched out one of my axes for a sword, so of course was doing that "skilling up from 0" thing again. Unlike gun to crossbow, it took hours and it didn't even finish! Very odd. I'm going to assume I had so much range haste that I was shooting lots faster than I swing.

And everyone was right! Zangarmarsh(sp?) was a few kazillion times better than the hellhole named Hellfire Peninsula! I hadn't expected the connecting zone to be basically the same level. c.c

I was highly, highly amused to see Zangarmarsh though. It's FFXI's CoP! Hmm, I should have taken a better screenshot, but I had just arrived in the zone. Big tall walking things like in the promies, and lots of fish swimming over water/land! Ha, even the colors matched Sea. :D Very funny.

I <3 x million the Zangarmarsh quests! Nice reasonable "go kill X mobs and bring me Y items" as opposed to Hellfire's "go take a torch to a forge and light it, then go burn down 5 buildings... but the torch only stays lit a couple minutes! ...and don't mind the 874357432097509275043275092 mobs aound while you're doing it!"

There's one thing I don't understand/don't like about the outlands though. What the heck happened to skinning? I made a crapton of money pre-60. Rugged leather sells for almost 20 gold per stack, and I was bringing in multiple stacks per XP day. I get to outlands and all I can skin are vendor trash scraps? And hey, higher level mobs give me a leather version of those scraps... which sell for a couple gold per stack. Sheesh.

Before I finally got the wonderful flight paths that let me fly out of Shatt instead of org -> fly -> boat -> fly -> long run through multiple zones -> fly, I found a dragon in the blasted lands. o.O One day I'll be big enough to kill you!

Started the day as 60, ended as 62.5. Yay progress!

FFXI: When RP started I had to log out of WoW, but I had busywork that needed doing on FFXI. Making shihei. Lots of shihei. Blech! My least favorite synth in the world. Took hours, but I ended up with 5 stacks of toolbags + 6 loose stacks, all made nearly for free. (I get the wood from chocobo digging, buy the fish to HQ the ink, crystals stored up.)

Two people checked me in a row. Is this a pattern? o.O

And lastly, I may be out of the loop. Can someone explain this to me? COR/DRK? They were gathered at the Sandy trailmarkings. He was wearing all AF/AF2 (gah).

RP: Yay RP! Thistle met up with one of his oldest friends on-game: Faruja. Hopefully he'll come in and have a meal/tour the airship, once Thistle can get an OK from Shera or Cid. :D

I'm so not ready for work tomorrow. :/
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