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Supernatural and Neopets

In reverse order!

You thought SE was ban-happy? How about this: The Neopets staff has said outright, in black and white, totally clear terms, that they will ban people for using ctrl-V. That's right! The Windows shortcut for paste is considered a cheat! (Because it gives you an advantage over people who type things out.) Ha ha ha ha.

Supernatural: No one who reads my LJ should be surprised when I say I have no issues with slash. Heck, I'm a big fan! However, incest is a whole different kettle of fish, and because of that I've avoided Supernatural for a long time. Turns out that was a false worry in this case -- barely ten minutes into the first ep I'm getting slash vibes, and I'm liking it. Ha ha ha. I have no idea how that works, because seriously, incest squicks me, but there's such a connection between these two! Very odd, but cool.
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