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Worst "holiday" ever

Gods above, I hate April Fool's Day. It's only 8:45 AM and I've already run into three "jokes" by major websites.

Newsflash: It's not funny.

(Or perhaps I'm just a stick in the mud.)

Edit: *DIES* Okay world, prove me wrong within a minute of me posting this. From the makers of Bacon Salt and Bacon Mayo, it's Bacon Lube! "It's not for sale yet, but we're looking for early product testers to put our "Everything should taste like bacon" tagline to the test." *rolls and dies* Now that is funny! :D


My brain gets a cookie this morning. Usually I get annoying stress dreams or nightmares, or dreams that just make no sense at all (why the heck did I dream about RL Yosari two nights ago? We don't talk/interact at all...). However, last night I had the bestest dream ever! It was the perfect fantasy (of an *cough* adult nature -- trying to keep work safe!). I couldn't have thought up a hotter situation if I had tried. :D *pats brain* Very good, keep it up!
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