Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

I'm so bad about going to bed!

I should be in bed, but instead I'm up putting the last finishing touches on Thistle's MUX wiki page. Yay! The first draft was only up for, what, four or fives months?

I deleted out a lot of the background, tightened up a lot of the writing, and added stuff about now being crew on the Shera. Oh, and most important, I finally did the relationship links. :P Hopefully I'll be better about keeping it up to date now that it's totally done!

Yay RP today! <3 Squall!
WoW was semi-meh. My mind wasn't on it and quests were annoying me all night. Almost 64. I need to skill up fishing so I can do it in the Outlands. Got ten levels tonight (in 45 minutes, blah, it's slowing down) = ending at 307. 350 is my goal before I go back to serious XPing.

Yesterday: FFXI, we took on Shen. I was looking forward to it because it's new, so yay! But the fight was a lot easier than I had expected, boo. Still, I died twice (only other person who died was the main tank, also twice), so: loldrk! I really like DRK/SAM, but it's not all that good for keeping me alive. I'll go /NIN next time.

...I need more to write about! Don't wanna go to bed. Oh well, work's early in the morning.
Tags: ffxi, rl, rp, wow

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