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Cooking of the week: Pesto chicken, artichokes, and (q-something) with wild mushrooms! (RL, WoW)

Yay good food and good company! Once more tersa guest starred (it's a weekly thing, so maybe guest star isn't correct), and once more i wounded myself in the effort! Ha ha. :D (Thistle: Hey, this blade is sharp. *peers at bleeding hand*)

It wasn't until we started cooking that I realized I was confusing pesto with alfredo sauce (which might also have tasted good on chicken!) but the pesto was new to me and highly yummy. Cheese, garlic, and oil, what's not to like? The basil, while making it bright green, didn't seem to change the taste much at all.

Artichokes: My first time trying them! They didn't taste like much (other than the lemon butter we dipped them in, mmm), so I guess that's good. Yay another vegetable I'll eat! (Though I have to say, it was disturbing funny disturbing odd to be eating a thistle!)

(Q-something) with wild mushrooms: I've checked Firefox's history, because I know I wikied the name of the (q-something), but I can't find it now. Some tiny little round grain that was sort of like rice. I had a nibble of the mushrooms, so I can sort of say I tried it (I've never eaten any kind of mushrooms before!), but I think I really should have had more for it to count.

A+! And I bet next week is going to get an A+, too! We're going to do that 40 cloves of garlic chicken thingie. Mmm garlic.


WoW: Meh, rough day. (PS: I've noticed anytime I step foot into Hellfire Peninsula I end up having a "meh" day.) I spent most of my online time fishing, and sadly found out that long periods of fishing make my wrist hurt. Boo. Luckily I don't have much further to go. 20 or so more levels.

I did a few quests when my arm needed a break. Yay 64! Boo mostly spinning my wheels. I ran hither and yonder but never really got much done.

And this mob? It puts the "hell" in Hellfire Peninsula. (Not my screenshot.) I swear to god, it has a taste for Thistles. ...hey, I bet it'd like artichokes.
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