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Come back, love! (FFXI)

With CoP almost done, I had expected my love for FFXI to return, but it's still MIA. :/ I'm starting to worry it'll never come back.

Today's update notes got a few minor yay!s from me, but mostly a big meh. WHMs must be tickled pink. SMNs too, I guess. Campaign got a nice improvement (yay teleporting to EN/GC/CN... even though reward for wacking on walls is decreased).

The biggest thing I'm excited over is something it's silly for me to be excited about. "New synthesis recipes and furnishings" New synths = more potential to make money... but I do not need more money. That's one of the things that makes me less interested in playing FFXI, I think. I no longer have any goals. I don't need to craft for money, I only still dig/H&C daily because I'm too stubborn to stop (and because they're the last daily things I do on FFXI; if I stop them, I worry I'll just never bother logging on again and turn off my account). I can buy almost anything on the game, other than a KC. Not needing to drive to make money makes everything... boring. Still, I have a metric crapton of raw materials stored up to make whatever the new synths are, and since I have a crafting mule for almost every craft, I should be able to make whatever it is.

I wish I were excited about A Crystalline Prophecy, but instead I almost wish I hadn't bought it. Hopefully maybe it'll be something fun and not too annoying, but "not too annoying" tends to be a big goal for FFXI to accomplish. Or perhaps I've lost track of the game's changes with all the damned CoP we've been doing, that's very possible.

Anyway, I sure do wish I could love FFXI again, or at the very least want to play it. I remember how excited I used to get over updates -- it was like Christmas! Now? Meh...
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