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Best. Commercial. Ever! And FFXI.

First off, I love love love the new Burger King commercial! I Like Square Butts (full version). Kind of odd for a kids meal, but hey!

FFXI: Stress, stress, stress. I wonder if WoW players have to put up with such unprofessional downtimes. Having a multiple hour extension after a stated (day long!) downtime is one thing (not really acceptable, but oh so typical -- happens almost every time). Having additional unexplained and unannounced downtime on top of that? And then, when the servers were finally "up", to have them be broken so that no one could even log on? Lord, I wonder what kind of programmers SE hires. I hear tales about their code being a mess, but this is insane. (And a couple servers had four more hours of downtime on top of this.) WoW's weekly scheduled downtimes aren't fun, but if they prevent crap like this...

If it weren't for chocobo digging, I would have given up. However, I had to dig tonight, and that required me to be on ASAP. However, with the crashings and such, 500-ish people got on before me, which would usually mean doom for digging. (No exaggeration there. Zones have been dug out with less than 100 people on.) I got to dig in the deserts, which only happens on days like this. 83 of my items there, pretty good results overall (ori, plat, gold, etc).

Speaking of ori ores, I don't usually like to take advantage of the craziness of the post-update AH, but this time I did. I had three ori ingits saved up, tossed them on the AH and they sold for double the prices of a day ago (400K each).

Lastly, I started the new expansion pack missions. The story seemed more interesting than I would have expected. I only got the first CS done though, since I'm unwilling to put up with the current madness and attempt to camp non-NM mobs.

Sadly, I haven't played WoW in three days now. But I have nothing I have to be on FFXI for until Monday (CoP ...yay...), so I should be able to get some good progress made soon. I really, really want my flying mount, but I still need three levels and a bit.

PS: I keep getting confused that my chocobos won't ride into the city. c.c
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