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What a great weekend! (RP, WoW, FFXI, cooking, RL... everything!)

I hope tomorrow goes as well as the past two days have!

Friday was an odd day, it shouldn't have been as good as it was. Cooking was called off, which turns out to have been for the best because I became really really sick. (Not the usual stomach troubles the meds give me, but an odd pain that wrapped all around my torso -- low, not chest pain.) I was uncomfortable during the day, but by the time it would have been time for us to cook, I was really miserable. I didn't want to do nothing (since then I'd have just my pain to focus on), so I opened up Death Knight on a RP server naikitty is on.

Wow wow wow. The first time I opened up DK, it took me three days to do. This time? Four hours (and would have been less if I hadn't had to keep AFKing for stomach troubles). Amazing difference, knowing just where to go and what to do. (And wow, do I love that job. There's no feeling in the world like doing nothing but walking by people and having them screaming in fear and running away -- reverse aggro!) I was tired by the final quests, and my stomach was really, really killing me, but I finished it and met up with Nai's DK for a little casual RP.

It amazes me how even "fluff' (pointless, just chatting over nothing) RP can still feel so darned good. It's been weeks since I last RPed, and this was a new character (so no real connection felt yet) and we didn't RP about anything important, but I walked on air after logging off. :D :D :D

Saturday came and RP wasn't around, so I hopped onto my Hunter main to level a bit. I may never reach 70 now! Heehee. Usually on weekends I get a level per day, but I got barely half a level this time.

Good good thing: At one point I was tired, whining in my head. "But I don't wanna do another quest! I'm tired! It's not fun!" My FFXI voice growled at me and ordered me not to be a worthless slacker and to get the quests done -- how would I level if I didn't quest?! And I almost did it, but at the last moment I said screw it! I flew off to deal with the AH, then I fished! Slacker am I! Go me!

And speaking of slacker, I feel... not so bad about FFXI. For the first time ever, I did not do my digging or H&C! I've dug on vacations, on every birthday, on Christmas, I haven't missed a day, but I didn't do it today! And I'm not doing it tomorrow, either! (I may do it on the weekdays because it's an easy thing to fill my lunchtime with... but I may not! Ha ha!) I only logged onto FFXI once this weekend, to synth for a friend, one of those new green beds. (And I'm not logging back on tomorrow! Ha! Take that, game!)

So Saturday, today: Yay fishing! Hit 425! (Yet with my +25 skill pole I'm still sometimes losing fish. o.O *confused!*) And RP! I mean like 11 hours straight of it! OMG I think I can die a happy person now! :D :D

Haken (me) and Sin (Sindrei, Nai) We're so sexy! That TS is going to be sooooo hot!

I don't generally like WoW models, but Can I lick my own chest? Mmmmmm.

I noticed my WoW screenshots weren't looking so good, so I decided to try saving them as .png instead of .jpg.

Add onto a good Saturday: Mmm BBQ chicken! I have two breasts (haw haw!) that need cooking, so I tossed one in with BBQ sauce today. Soooo good!

Lastly, Haken the character. He's a highly interesting fellow, not much like the characters I usually play. The closest thing I can compare him to is a more mature Sly, though that's not really close because Sly was an evil little monster. Haken's evil, but he's reasonable about it. Sure he'll gleefully kill women and small children, but he listens and learns (to those stronger than him) as well. Sly was a rabid little thing and would never learn/accept his place. I like Haken, he's quieter... more mature. Reasonable. He's also a "slower" character (in thought, in speaking, and (generally) in actions). Also, as he has not one single memory about his time before becoming a DK, he's easy for WoW newbie me to play he's got room for adjusting, growing, fleshing out. Learning. I guess his lack of social knowledge is what pings as Sly-ish to me.

I' really enjoying the... foreignness? of him. Haken and Sin were talking about how mortals are about relationships, and Haken was trying to figure out the 'emotional connection' thing Sin was trying to describe. Finally he said something like 'You mean when an adult stands in front of a child so we'll kill them first?' and went on to talk about how weak and stupid love makes them, 'but if they lived, let the kid die while they were escaping, they could have more kids... *confused*'. Heehee. *pats him lots*

WoW is a harsh medium for RP (short line limits, no ability to backspace/backarrow = tons of typos, no way to reread what you typed, plus the font is way too small (even when adjusted to largest setting), too hard to read, to small of a window...) but beggars can't be choosers! I'll happily take the nightly eyestrain for RP! Yay! (Unless someone knows an add-on that would improve this type of thing? Please please? :D )

...okay, I posted this because I was too hyper to sleep, but now I'm even more hyper. Bah! :P Yay RP! Yay Haken! Yay slacking! (Hmm, I need a new default icon. Maybe I'll work on one tomorrow.)
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