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*wiggle wiggle wiggle* Yay RP! (WoW RP)

While I do not RP to have my RL ego stroked, it's nice to get multiple messages about the quality of my RP and the elements I bring to a scene. :D Also, apparently I have a good teacher, as people like how I'm playing a Death Knight and I RL have almost no Warcraft lore in my head (I'm picking it up all indrectly from naikitty's DK).

I found a really good RPer tonight (which is sadly rare, most RPers on WoW are short, 1-2 sentence posers). Poor guy tried to make Haken think and ended up slammed against the wall for his efforts, though by that time the entire bar was watching them and there were many people there to defend him and "suggest" that Haken leave. :D Heehee.

I need to make a new icon! And log onto the RP server more.!

Oh! I'm almost 68 on my Hunter (non-RP) main, and more than half of 67's XP gotten through non-quest killing. I was trying to skill up my skinning, so I killed worgs in, um, outside of Howling F-whatever in Northrend for a few hours. I seemed to hit a wall at 441. I wonder if skinning is not like fishing and you need higher level mobs (instead of X number of successful skinnings) to level up.

I know I still owe comment replies! I did 20 or so of them today, the rest tomorrow! <3 everyone!

*bouncie* Yay RP!

Edit: In anti-bouncy news, final CoP BC battle will be on Wednesday. How's this for amusing: Assuming we win, I don't think I'm even going to bother with the 484570175310754031 CSs you need to do to get the ring. If it wouldn't screw over five of my friends in the static, CoP is the very last thing I'd ever be doing again. I'd rather go to the dentist, and I'm dentist-phobic. ...well, maybe I will do the stupid CSs. I don't suppose I can say I finished damned CoP if I don't. Pointless, endless running around is part of the CoP experience, after all. Hopefully we'll go 1/1.
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