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CoP beaten, WoW RPed, and dreams about both (FFXI, WoW)

Yay, static beat the last CoP fight last night. My feelings didn't suddenly change upon the win. I said "Ugh, thank god" out loud and that was about the end of it. CoP, the single most annoying thing in all of FFXI, is finally behind me.

Sort of.

I'm begrudging having to run around and get the 84731710 CSs in 10,000 different places (though I decided I'll do it over my lunch breaks -- I didn't really want to dig/H&C anyway). I had scheduled time to do it last night, so I was extra annoyed at finding there was a Japanese midnight wait before you could do them.

Would someone please explain that to me? You've done all the CoP crap to that point. Capped fights, dungeon crawls, traveling across the world for a CS which consists only of "what are you doing here? Go back to where the last CS was!", and then you win the final battle. Why in the world would they put a JP midnight wait after that? Is there any point, any logic, other than "let's waste the players' time"?

Damned CoP.

Anyway! Last night I had a couple dreams, one was about FFXI. LS people were doing a ZNM fight on the top of a wicker tower that was hundreds of stories high. The thing was swaying, the winds were high... and did I mention I have a slight issue with heights? Somehow, in the middle of trying not to die RL while doing this ZNM, I said over /p that I was able to see what a mob would drop before the mob was killed (I had some special plug-in for that). Totally against the ToS and I was saying it on game! Ack! So I was clinging to the tower to try not to die, just waiting for SE to ban me. (Which is ironic, since right now is the least I've ever been worried about being banned on FFXI...)

WoW! Eeeee RP! Good RP! And eee Northrend! Other than Storm Giants (who should all be forced to go do CoP and stay out of my hair), I love the place. All my open quests are level 71/orange though, and I'm still 68, so I hope they'll go well. (I got a half-level of XP in the two hours before CoP last night, so hopefully I won't be 68 for long!)

The second dream I had was about RPing (eee!). Long-gone Caboose was RPing WoW-style (sort of) with some woman. They were speaking their poses instead of typing them, but WoW-ly they were moving their characters around on the screen as they did.

PS: Boose was a rocking RPer, plus he brought a ton of yummy grapes for me to eat as I watched them! :P
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