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Dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria! (FFXI, WoW)

My life is all backwards tonight!

I actually got bored on WoW. *gasp!* Which annoyed me because I did my "work" (hit 69, yay!), and so I wanted to RP for the rest of the night. I couldn't get anyone to interact with me! Even when I posed directly at someone, using their name, I was ignored. :/ I spent 2-3 hours ICly, and the only person who wanted to RP with me was some girl who /whispered "do u want gf" to me. Bah! While it would be highly amusing if some woman were interested in Haken (he'd be so confused/frustrated/murderous! It'd be cute!), that whisperer was not the right person. c.c

So since I didn't want to level more, I decided to work on cooking. (Food seems mostly useless in WoW unless you're raiding(?) so I've ignored cooking until this point, but I read there are some dailies you can do if you have cooking leveled, so I wanted to work on it). But I quickly grew bored of farming low level meats, so I logged.

My security token for FFXI arrived today, so I decided to get that working, then log in to check out my satchel. Oh my god, so much space! I will never have to pack for Dynamis ever again! Not even pick up my AF/AF2! Hopefully that'll help make Dynamis a little less annoying.

When that was done, I decided to finish the last few CoP CSs. (I only had time for the three city area CSs while home for lunch.) Ran to Jeuno for those three, getting my ring at the same time (woot!). Then I went off to do those extra two CSs.

Even CoP-hating me has to admit that that final CS was pretty darned nice. This will sound freaky, but I almost didn't want it to end. And even (worse? better?) it made me remember all the things I liked about CoP: How pretty all the areas are, how much time I spent XPing my NPC on the mobs there, how the Safehold had seemed like such an exciting and new city when we first got there...

I was left feeling almost sorry for SE, as misplaced as that is. CoP could have been something great, it could have been something special. I'd like to think their hearts were in the right place and they weren't just planning to make this as long and annoying as possible... but if that's the case then it's even worse (they don't understand what players want).

Well, it's over. philia/Danoille, desant_chan/Desant, tharpy/Tharpy, Nayami, Renard, and myself, with help from achika_soladia/Achika on the pot fight. We did it together from Promy-V I think? Maybe the step before that. Quite a run.
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