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RP and WoW -- tons of screenshots! And best quest ever!

RP: I had to laugh at myself today. By 3 PM I had had "only" one scene (and "only" an average one at that!) and I was grumpy. Ha! How fast I've gotten used to lots of daily RP! And even after playing for hours more tonight, I'm wiggling for even more! I like how my character is growing, I just have to be sure he doesn't change too quickly. :D

I do wish WoW was more like a MU* though, day after day of scenes with 20+ people in them, multiple scenes all going on at once in the same room always gives me a headache. Beggars can't be choosers though! And big scenes let you meet new people!

WoW: Big day with lots of stuff happening, but a good deal of frustration as well. I forgot that I was supposed to save my WoW screenshots as .png for extra crispness, hopefully they all still look okay enough.

Ding 70! WOO! and 70 = flying! HA HA HA! Can't catch me stupid Fel Reaver! ...and then I flew up much higher to make sure he really couldn't. c.c

Even though I had read about guards being able to fly up and shoot you down, it happened to me today. Bah. All I wanted to do was fish! D: (Speaking of which, how am I ever going to do the fishing accomplishment which requires to to fish in the other fraction's city? :/ )

And speaking of fishing!

And speaking of fishing!

Ha ha ha! Best. Fish. Ever! Sells for 6 gold and only a 1% chance of catching it. :D

And speaking of Best. Things. Ever! The most amazingly cute, cool, great quest line ever: Rescuing tadpoles! OH MY GOD. I have never in my life encountered things that made such cute noises. I want to go do the quest again just so I can hear them more. :D And one called me 'da da'!

And in that quest line: More cuteness! Me in a costume... yes with a white flag. I love how they don't recognize I'm in costume, even with the big glowing ghost cat with me! And the attention to details! My underwear showing, costume not fully zipped. Hearts!

And I can now top my screenshot of 'a bull in a hat on a wolf'. A bull in a hat on a flying carpet!

I can't put into words how much I love Northrend. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice age foo, and Northrend (at least the parts I've seen) has so many elements of it! Herds of giant animals! Vikings! Walrus people! ...wait, okay only some of that is ice age foo, but it's all so cool! (No pun intended!) The glaciers and the ice flows and wow. I could happily stay in this area forever! Even small details like this kite thingie, I can almost feel the wind blowing to keep it up!

And in my random rambling, back to fishing! So amazingly relaxing, the hiss of rain on the water, slight splashes as you cast or land a fish. I could fall asleep doing that.

The Boy Scouts ain't got nothing on me! I'd like to see one of them build a fire like that!

And so often WoW just makes me laugh out loud. :)

I'm not sure if that status effect actually has some meaning more than humor. There are soooooo many quests to do, I start one quest line then wander into a new area and start another before finishing the first.

The frustration part came about cooking. I should have just given in and hit the AH for the stuff I needed, but I wanted to skill cooking for as close to free as possible. I ended up hitting three different zones and then finally spending an hour fighting some guy on one of those 280% flying mounts for fishing pools (PS: I lost every single one to him). I eventually got to just over 375 cooking, which is about where I think I'll end it. I wouldn't mind taking it to 450 just to be complete, but it looks like just about everything will need Northern Spices from here on, and those only come from some contest or something.
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