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Lots of dreams last night. One was about being able to use my WoW flying mount to get to FFXI's sky (so handy!), and another was that my WoW guild asked me to go on some raid with them (even though I'm 10 levels below everyone...) and it involved fishing (maybe that's why?) but I couldn't deal with handling fish guts, so we failed. :P

I've been resisting posting negative stuff about FFXI even though it's sometimes very hard, but I ran into a post on ffxiljcommunity that just boggles me. They changed Beastmaster so that your pet can no longer fight while you do anything else. (So if you send your pet to fight and try to harvest, open a chest, whatever, the pet now stops fighting and walks back to you.) It just boggles me, outright boggles me, how anti-player FFXI is. (And what boggles me even more is there was a time I used to think that was a good thing, I defended it.) I tried to imagine how my Hunter would change if that pet-behavior was put into place on WoW -- it'd cripple me. How often I've used my kitty to distract/hold/whatever monsters so I could do something else!

I feel sort of like I finally got out of an abusive relationship and only now am I seeing the situation through clearer eyes. I don't understand the point of so much of what SE does. The BST change, ACP's losing your (damned annoying to get) key item if you lose the (very hard) BC... Why does FFXI fight against the players?

It always annoyed the hell out of me when other people said this, but: WoW is fun. Easier? Sure, but know what? That's not necessarily a bad thing. It'd nice to play a game that likes me, instead of one who, the moment it sees I'm succeeding, changes things to make it harder for me. (See also: All the farming nerfs, the fishing change, all the endless supposed anti-gilseller crap that hurts the players but doesn't stop the gilsellers...)

I used to wonder when my love of FFXI would return, but now I'm starting to wonder if it will... (To be fair, the fact that I'm RPing on WoW gives the game an amazing boost. It's like two games in one (MMO and MU*) instead of just one.)

*rereads post* I wonder if I'll delete this an hour from now. :P I tend to do that with my more negative posts.
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