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Oh WoW! (How creative my subject lines are becoming!)

Yo, firebyrd! Look what I found! Someone with a hydra pet! Is that the same one you have? As soon as I spotted it, I thought of you. :D

It was an odd night tonight. I've been 70 since the weekend, but I do nothing but drag my feet when it comes to XPing. I did maybe four quests total tonight (though at least that's double yesterday's two!). What's even odder is that I didn't really feel like RPing. I kept switching back and forth between servers going "meh"...

On my XP character's server: Yay! I got to Dalaran despite my best efforts! No one was responding to my shouts or /trade requests to sell me a port, so I decided to keep searching the city and /whispering in my best FFXI requesting mode: "Excuse me, if you're not busy, could I buy a port to Dalaran? 5 gold. Thank you! ^^ " ...problem was, I had been asking priests by mistake. :P Priests cure which = white mages in my head, and WHMs are the one who sell teleports! Ha ha. Finally one responded and pointed out a mage would have to do it. The first mage I asked accepted!

Can anyone tell me what the hell I was killing here?

Is that a baby? c.c Is that what gnomes look like? I mean sheesh...

On RP character's side, eee big scene! naikitty poked me that our RP group was doing some sort of a party thingie, so I checked it out! I finally got to RP a little with a guy I sp... well, let me backtrack a day:

Yesterday was a massive IC event. 50 or 60 people in a small bar, all of them "RPing" (spamming one line poses and /command "poses"). Gods above, the headache it gave me! But it worked out as I had hoped: When I left early, others followed wanting to interact with me. :D (My poses are generally longer than most WoW RPers, so I probably stand out a bit.)

One of the people who followed me was amazingly great. My character is a 'grr grrr kill everything and I hate you all die die die' type person. She was doing something that reminded me of that thing in karate where one little person stands in the middle and all these big people rush at her and she just redirects them and uses their attacks against them. I have no idea how she did it, but she verbally did that exact thing. All my guy's anger just flowed around her until she turned it back on him (in a non-attacking way) and wore him out/down. (I really, really, really wish I could save logs in WoW, I'd love to review these scenes! Chatter supposedly can auto-log, but it seems to be broken.)

So anyway, there had been a guy (Tauren) there whose desc I noticed. This is the part that caught my eye:

Tell me he's not a bear! :D :D Ha ha! He hadn't followed me out last night, but he was at tonight's event so I RPed a little with him. He actually flirted with me ICly! And then we flirted/joked a little OOCly by /whisper (just playful stuff). Ha ha ha! :D Hopefully I'll catch him for a longer scene sometime.
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