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Slacker night! RP, WoW

I got the downtime I had intended on Sunday. :D Even though I'm really close to leveling (need just 10% more!), I didn't touch it. It's surprisingly easy to not XP! I now have dailies to do (just like the big kids!), which makes me feel like I'm getting stuff done. Plus I crafted more (finished first aid... sort of). Plus, the biggest thing, I remembered why I had gone to Dalaran in the first place: To do the fishing quests!

A few screenshots in no special order. Can any bigger Star Trek fans than me tell me if this is a reference to DS9?

Bashir? Dr. Bashir? But I can't recall an ep when he was out of phase with the rest of the ship...

Eee, puppy! I suppose I should have taken that shot with my armorless wolf, it would have matched even better. :D

Tonight I "finished" (sort of) first aid.

I only took it far enough for the accomplishments. I may finish it sometime though, I guess!

And I was saving this NPC quote for this event:

Yay! Done! (Until the next expansion comes out...)

And lastly, man this depressed me. 9 AM in the morning and I'm torturing prisoners for some NPC. That's the first time I almost turned down a quest based on content. It really bothered me. :/ Torture is wrong! Bad! I'm a nice moocow!

So all I did tonight was my 3 dailies, a ton of fishing, and finished first aid. Still: Yay happy, relaxing day!


RP was eee fun! It's funny to go from not RPing on the MUX in a long time to RPing every day. :D Yesterday, tonight, and tomorrow! I really should get back to Haken, but he's such a grumpybutt; Thistle's a breath of fresh air after him. :P Probably Wednesday I'll log him on. Maybe the egg thing will have settled down by then, too. (Stupid egg event taking place in our RP town!)

All in all: Wow. I really needed a relaxing, fun night. :D

Edit: Bah. One day I'll remember WoW's Tuesday morning downtimes. I had myself all logged out and ready to log on early to finally finish the annoying Easter event. Boo.
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