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Thistle's Folly Pie (food!)

These strawberries are becoming a problem.

Having eaten more bowls of them yesterday, I noticed they were starting to head towards not being good anymore. I'd have to finish them all today if I wasn't going to waste them.

So tired of strawberries.

Driving home, I thought about the comment someone left on my previous post: Make them into a pie! Mmm, pie. So I stopped at the supermarket and grabbed a pre-made graham cracker crust. My thought had been to just toss the strawberries in, the put a little whipped cream on top... but that's not very pie-ish. The comment-leaver had said to add... something... to make it more pie-like, but I was far from any computer so couldn't check what.

What would bind fruit in a pie and be pie-like? Hmm, jello! BLECH jello! Hooves ftl. But... pudding! Pudding would rock, no? Checking that section, I spotted cheesecake flavored (sugar free) pudding! That'd be perfect!

Came home, made it, poured it into the crust, dumped a bowl of cut berries on top.

Paused, realized the problem: Now I'd need to eat two more bowls of berries AND a whole pie! In one day! (Unless though some magic berries stay better longer when placed atop a pie...)

I tried the pie just now and it's less than the sum of its parts. I have no idea how that works. The crust is yummy, the pudding is yummy, the berries are fine, but together it doesn't work at all. And somehow putting whipped cream on it made it worse.

Darned you, cooking! *fist shakes* That should have worked! You make no sense!
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