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Michael Jackson meets Bollywood, and DW invites

Somehow I ended up watching Oprah today. Usually I watch Charmed when I get home, but it was preempted by basketball, so half-thinking I could catch the news I switched to one of the network stations. Turns out it was the 4 o'clock hour, not 5, so instead of news I got Oprah. Meh, background noise is background noise, so I left it there. (I've not seen that show in at least ten years. Wow, she's one beautiful woman now! She has a great makeup artist, her eyes were so dusky and pretty!)

Anyway, the oddest thing came on the show, enough to catch my attention and make me watch. Unfortunately the actual video doesn't seem to be around online yet, but here's the same two people on a different show:

The dancing starts almost exactly 1 minute in. On her show there had been more of a lean towards Indian dancing (plus you got to see a lot more dancing and less judges/audience), but this is still pretty darned cool. :D


Raise your hand if I promised you a DW invite. I remembered one of the two people I said I'd give one to, but I can't recall who the other person was (but I'm pretty sure there was a second one...). Failing that, poke me if you'd like it. (I'll probably hold onto it for a day or two to see if the promised-person speaks up though.)

There may or may not be a second post tonight, depending on if I end up having time to edit WoW screenshots.
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