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I think I'm getting old. (RL, RP, WoW -- in that order)

Long, long ago, back when I first graduated college and the Internet was becoming something everyone could access, I survived on literally no sleep. The net was so new and amazing: Online RP! (All my RP had been by snail mail until that point!) Tons of fic to read (not just a few fanzines a couple times a year by mail!)! So many cool (text only) websites to (sloooowwwwly) travel through with my new Lynx browser -- Imagine! A program created just to let you look at websites! I would stay up all night RPing, then drink coffee endlessly through the day to somehow make it through work. Once a week or so I'd crash and sleep for 24 hours and then start the cycle again.

Now, on my second night just a couple hours short of my usual amount of sleep, I think I may fall over dead. zzzzz

But eeee! Such a good reason! Night before last: Rocking RP! Haken has... um... I have no idea what to call it. 'Friend with benefits' minus the friend part? (Not that they're not friends, but in Haken World friends are not important things and love makes you weak, blah blah blah.) Not that they've done more than kiss, but still! Eeee! So cool and yay and fun! IC relationships are great things, I love to see how they develop!

Then last night another good scene, though I feel a touch OOC guilty about it. There's this player who I always feels stalked by (she always follows my character and tries to join into scenes I'm in). I love RPing, I can't ever get enough RP, but sometimes a scene is nice with one person and extras would take away the specialness of it. She just never got the hint. So it was kind of surprising that forced interacting with her (she wouldn't leave my character alone, even under the literal threat of death) turned out to be such a powerful thing. I have no idea what's going to happen with Haken-head now, other than this is probably bigger than his temporary exile to that horrible floating city that he couldn't escape from D: D: D: Dal.

Add onto all this that the day before these two scenes I had good MUX RP and I'm worried! Three days in a row of heavy emotional RP is a wonderful thing... but when it ends it's all the worse for it having been this good (if that makes sense!). If I get no RP tonight, or sucky/light RPing, I'm going to be all sad and down and depressed.

An interesting RP-related thing: Some RP guild asked me to attend their next meeting to talk about becoming a better RPer. (First he asked me to join his guild, but I'm happy to not have one on Haken -- I enjoy the quiet.) I was touched and embarrassed by that. :)

(Edit: Oops, and I totally forgot to write about the whole darned point of this post. Again last night RP had a depressing element: After some OOC chat midscene I had a random person /whisper to me "Wow, you're not really an asshole! o.O ". This happens way, way, way too often. Haken the character is an ass. Why in the world, in a RP scene on a RP server, do people keep thinking it's me the player who is an ass/mean/bastard/whatever? D: )

WoW question! I'm halfway to 77, eee! I have almost 6K gold now, which will cover cold weather flying (1K) and that faster flying (5K). But that will mean I need a faster mount as well. I saw that I can buy a fast one (armored wind rider) for just under 2K gold, but you can earn them as well? What's the best (fastest and easiest) way to get one? To get to exalted with that dragon group and buy eggs to turn in?

<3 everyone! I love you all--zzzzzzzz *headdesk*
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