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WTF image of the night, Indian food, and eee RP! Oops, and WoW, too!

A gold star to anyone who can figure out what the heck is going on in this picture (totally work safe). Most of those are dummies. Why would you need them of cops? (So they can ride in the HOV lanes~?) It amuses me to picture them as Real Dolls instead; someone has a uniform fetish that is out of control!


Weekly cooking with tersa resumed tonight! Alas I got confirmation that I don't really like Indian food. At least I gave it a fair try though, which is more than I could have said in the past! And it was fun cooking it. :) My poor little white bread tongue couldn't take even the mild version we made.

Next weeks are going to rock! Meatloaf (yep, never had it before, let alone made it!), waffles and bacon (*homer drool*), and then tacos! Another thing I've ever had but want to try. The shells always seem like they'd make tacos fun to eat!


RP continues to be eeeeeeee. Only thing that's killing me is that the next few weeks months are going to be busy at work, so my RP time from there will be greatly reduced. D: (i no rite? QQ moar!) On one hand, I worry we'll run out of things to RP about and have to retire these characters. On the other, this is a fully original world and we made the PCs in a matter of minutes, so we should be able to do it again!

Yay weekend! So tired. So need to relax.


Oh, and I almost forgot I wanted to talk about WoW! OMG I'm so in love with... not having to play! Ha ha. It's so nice to be able to not log on! How silly of a thing is that to love? I have just three dailies I want to do (walrus people rep) and Dal cooking/fishing dailies. Maybe an hour of work. The last three nights I haven't logged on in the evenings! At all! And I don't have to feel bad about it! Best. Game. Ever. :P

EDIT: Added bonus WTF picture! Look at the image, then look at the URL printed on the image. NWS!
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