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Somehow doing nothing makes me tired... (RL, RP, WoW)

How can I be exhausted when I did so little today? zzz

Scroll back to Friday! Cooking with tersa! Her mother's meatloaf and mac&cheese! Mmm. Two thumbs up on both!

Saturday: Feels like I spent the whole day cooking (!!!) and somehow had to do three loads of dishes (!!!!!!!) so maybe I did. Since I bought eggs for that, I had extra to use up. Made eggs for breakfast.

Lunchtime heated up the meatloaf for a sandwich. (How did doing this mess up three plates?)

Dinner was only a turkey sandwich eaten on a paper plate, but somehow that produced more dishes.


RP: I wish there was an OOC channel or something on WoW. I'd like to log in and say hello to folks, but I'd rather not get dragged into general RP. :/ Quality of the average WoW RP aside, the font is just so darned hard to read! I had an hour and a half scene the other night that left me with a horrible headache.

WoW: Finally hit 80! Only took me two and a half weeks to do 79 to 80? Ha ha, I think I've done 74 to 75 on almost every job on FFXI faster! Unlike FFXI, I wasn't in a rush at all. Tomorrow I'll finish the rep I'm working on, and then it will be a serious case of 'now what?'.

Related to that, I XPed on my druid a bit (Thack! It's his name AND what he does with his staff!) Ugh. It's so hard to play a non-pet job. I hope it'll get easier once I have an animal-form thingie. (Started at 7, got almost to 9 before I was too bored to continue.) I can't believe I get hit all battle long. That's just so ... so wrong-feeling.

Logged onto the MUX this afternoon and chatted with folks, which was nice!

And lastly, I so need to try making this! Food on sticks = fun! I'd eat that all day long!

So tired and so hungry, even though I've been eating all day. zzz
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