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You know it's a bad day when you get eaten by lions...

I love how a line can sound so sensible in a MMO, but in RL it'd make people go Buh?.

Life is stressy right now, and it doesn't help that I'm a stresspuppy in general. Work is insane. Really, I need three of me to have any chance of success in doing what I need to do for the next couple months. (So yes, I'm LJ posting! Tool I need to use is broken again so I'm semi-stuck and get a brain-break.)

WoW's going okay, though Druid is still really rough. It's very, very, very hard to play a job that doesn't handle adds well. (Or whatever 'adds' are called in WoW, when you're fighting one mob and a second joins in.) Hit 13 today. Little time to XP = leveling slowly. Leveling slowly = my usual! Can't wait to get to 20 so I can be a kitty! =^.^=

Sad day yesterday. Gave up Thistle on the MUX. It depressed me all night. I love everyone there, I want to hang out with people and chat OOCly, but I just don't feel like RPing him. Chickenface me logged off as soon as I sent the @mail, so I need to log on tonight (if I can~) and see if there are any replies. :/

Poked my head in on WoW RP server so people wouldn't think I dropped dead or something.

Blah this is a depressing post! Should I post it or shouldn't I? Will I post it and then make it private soon after? Let's see what The magic eight ball says!
Question: Should I post my post?

Guess I'm posting!
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