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Soon I'll be posting once a month...

Man, a whole week since my last post! I just haven't had any time (or anything really exciting) to post about.

Work is way too busy. I should be moving on to my next task, but I wanted to take a moment to let people know I wasn't dead.

In the last week:
WoW: Rough. Druid only got more and more painful the closer I got to 20. A half level (19.5 to 20) took me nearly three hours. There were so many dead me-s around that I couldn't take a step without tripping over my own dead body. Seriously, it was FFXI soloing painful. Hit 20 and things seemed to improve a lot! Prowl rocks my socks. I'm an ugly (horny) kitty, but I think I get the nicer kitty form at 30. I'm only 21 now, have had almost no time to play.

RP: WOOT. One-on-one RP is continuing to verb my noun (I use 'rock my socks' way too much). I even fit in a couple evenings for on-WoW RP with other folks.

RL: Work has eaten everything. Seriously. I have 20-something hours of stuff on Tivo I'll likely never catch up on.

Back to work now! Blah!
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