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Sad... sort of. (FFXI)

Lottery ended today. I actually did a lot better than last year (two rank 4 prizes, took hides -- last year I got nothing). And, as planned, as soon as it ended I canceled my content IDs.

[Damask is on the list as well, but that's all the window would display.]

It's funny, for the last two months it's been bugging me that I couldn't cancel (I had almost never logged on other than to buy the lottery marbles) but I was still sad to do this tonight.

I'm happy that I'm not leaving with bad feelings, no "give me my five years back! D: ". In a way I wish I could still love the game, but in a bigger way I'm very happy I don't anymore.

I would have enjoyed giving my stuff away, but people who quit always kick themselves for doing that when they come back. I fully intend to never return... but everyone who quits says that.

I wish I wasn't sad over this. I've been wanting to cancel my account, and it's not like I can't come back (for the low low low price of $30! Or whatever the figure they gave was). And not only was I not logging on, I didn't want to log on... so there's no reason to feel sad.

Still: Blah.

Goodbye, FFXI. It was a good five years.
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