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WoW is frustrating me

Druid 23. It got somewhat better at 20 (when I hit things, now they eventually die! Yay!), but I still take damage way too quickly, especially if I have more than one mob on me. Oddly (and sadly) the only effective questing I can do are green quests. Now and then I successfully do one at my own level, but generally I die endlessly on them. I boggle at how much I die. Thank god I can't delevel.

PS: Prowl should be 100% effective.

On my main, I wasted 28 days for nothing. Stupid Argent Tournament. I can't joust at all, so I figured I'd do the 'kill 10 scourge' daily quest for 25 days and get the 25 seals I need that way (three missed days in the middle of that). Got my 25 seals, tried to turn them in... and I have to beat some champ to level up. BLAH. I went 1/200 on beating the three little ones you have to do (and note that's 1/200, not 3/200, I never totally succeeded, only killed one of the three). I haven't even bothered trying to kill the champ yet, since I'm sure he'll be harder than the three little ones... being champ and all...

All in all: Blah.
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