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Wow, WoW!

Darned game being down on Tuesday mornings! Unable to get a jump on my dailies, I read through the newly posted info on Death Knight.

Not the point of this post, but if I played DK I'd be darned worried right now. :) Nerfs are always scary, even when you're the most powerful class in the game.

But the point of this post was this question and answer:

Are we satisfied with stats such as Armor Penetration, Haste, and Hit having very different values depending on which talent spec a death knight is using?

Ghostcrawler: No. We don’t want to create multiple types of death knight armor, other than tanking and damage dealing. We already support like 19 different types of tier pieces because for example all of the mail users want slightly different stats. It is a problem that, say, Blood wants armor penetration and Unholy does not. But our answer to that problem is going to be to make all specs regard the stats more similarly, not to provide lots of different armor choices. It’s already hard enough to get a boss to drop what you want.

Very WoW-technical, but for FFXI folks: Basically they're saying* they don't want people to have to lug around a haste build, a WS build, an 'oh my god, I got hate!' build. (Ha ha, 'build'? Is that the right word? I can't believe I forgot!) The last line of the answer made me sit back and boggle. I'm still not used to these differences! (* Unless I'm not correctly understanding the info, which is possible!)

Another point was the respawn time on some NM/elite mob. Blizzard had said something like "a very long time, 30 minutes to six hours" or something like that. I just had to laugh. In FFXI, that'd be a short amount of wait!

I may not play WoW much (maybe an hour-ish a day? No more than two, usually), but still, I sure do love these differences. So very, very, very reasonable. So few jumping through flaming hoops to do the slightest little thing.
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