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Random LJ images! Oh, and House!

Because this is a random images post, I closed my eyes and picked an icon to use at random. Turns out it's highly fitting!

Dreamiest leader of the free world? Check! Eee! *melts* I love the way he seems to be looking down in that, almost bashful!

It reminds me a lot of this photo, that I posted way back during the election. Obama getting ready for a debate. I had to do a search of 'Obama' in my LJ and read through a lot of posts from back then to find it. I don't think a day goes by where I don't smile and feel happy (and relieved!) that he won. Every news story about other countries starting to like us again, about his wife being beloved by so many, about the things he's fixed and is in the process of doing. It just makes me so happy. :)

Oddly, I miss the pre-election months, when so many of us were hoping so strongly for this to happen, but afraid it wouldn't. I always love LJ, but I loved it especially much back then. So many posts about it! Shared images, stories, pictures... Such exciting times!


Random images:

Just what is Ronald McDonald doing? I had thought he was shot, someone else said he was throwing up. (Image is not as graphic as that makes it sound! Totally work safe.)

NWS NWS NWS! Who would believe that Tom and Jerry porn could be sort of hot? NWS in any way, shape, or form! ...Tom sure is pretty though!

Lastly, I'm not sure if I should put some kind of a warning on this or not. It's perfectly work safe. Some people are disturbed by this, but I think it's kind of cute. Somehow, it seems to get cuter the longer you look at it. (Don't ask me what it is, I don't know.)

House: I almost forgot! I actually, finally got through the Tritter arc. I had no idea one of my favorite eps was right after it! (The girl who got raped. One Day, One Room I think the ep was called.) Anyway, I see what some folks said about the arc having good points (it was interesting to see how he handled his addiction, yes). I think the problem with the Tritter arc was the cop himself. I didn't mind his effect he had on House and the staff, I didn't mind the idea behind the story, it's Tritter himself I didn't like. What a smug, horrible, annoying character. (Though the slasher in me did sort of wonder if House/Tritter would work, or more likely Wilson/Tritter...)

I'm dying to catch up so I can read fanfiction! Eeee!
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