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*Really* random images, House!

None of this namby-schamby meme 'random' image stuff for this post!

I'm not really into Harry Potter much anymore, but I think the movie is coming out tomorrow. So, the star of this post is this really, really hot HP image. Gah, that's almost enough to draw me back in! I've never been a real Draco fan, but *drool* he looks SO good there! And Snape (of course!)! And the sexy wild insane woman whose name I forget (Black's sister! Bela-someoneorother)! I love the lack of robes. Of course it works on Snape, but the guy on the far right? Love his coat! And Draco's suit? Mmmmmmm. And her dress/coat thing? Gah, wow! The whole image just so totally works.

NWS! But very colorful! This is one way to prevent shrinkage?

Eeeeee Avatar! I found this image on DA somewhere. The artist says they sell magnets of all their work (I collect magnets!) so I messaged her asking her if I could get one of the center image from that. I haven't heard back yet, alas. Zuko! With wings! And naked! *paws at him* Eeee!

Great cat picture! Looks like a little lion! :D

I want to meet the person who has this in their car. Heehee!

House: I finished season three! The second half of the season was SOOOO good! Gah, that darned Tritter arc had nearly made me forget how good it could be! So many outstanding eps! I was sad to see how short season four is. Must have been the writer's strike, I guess. I wish I could risk spoilers because House/Wilson is just the sweetest, hottest thing ever! I NEED FICS! Eeeee!
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