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I don't like dogs...

I should be working, but bitching is so much more fun!

I don't like dogs. I don't think they should all be stuck on a rocket and fired off into space, I just don't want to pat random ones I meet.

I went to get my car washed today (which took 45 minutes, WTF? Goodbye lunchtime!). Some little old lady had a hyper little dog with her. She took it around to 'visit' everyone waiting for their cars. Tiny little dog, maybe 10 pounds tops. Damned thing wouldn't stop jumping on me, wiggling its whole body around. When I reached down to pat it/push it away, it licked me and put its paws on me and stuff.

My whole time sitting there waiting, all I could picture were the germs that must have gotten all over my hands. A dog's mouth, paws that had been all over the ground. (It was an outdoor carwash, no bathroom that I could see to wash my hands in.)

I'm not one of those people who need to wash their hands 784834701145 time or worry about OMG GERMS on everything, just... blah. Yes, little old lady, I know you love your dog. That does not mean everyone else there feels the same!

When I was a kid, I liked dogs. Our family always had dogs. I thought they were pretty keen. However, the older I got, the less I liked them. I'm firmly a cat person now. Cats generally don't slobber on new people, and if one happens to be out on a leash, it's not usually going to want to wiggle over and greet every new person it sees.

(I sort of feel like I've made this post in the past and the general outcome of comment-conversation was that I actually don't like untrained dogs and bad owners... which is true. I don't personally want a dog, but I don't mind at all if other folks have them, so long as they're not jumping all over me.)
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