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G.I. Joe and Harry Potter

Coming soon is a novelization of the new G.I. Joe movie. It looks really, really... well, read for yourself!

"The neckline of the body armor exposed the upper part of her swelling bosom, an exposure of flesh that arrogantly dared bullets to try for her, as if she could walk blithely across the battlescape."

*snickersnorts endlessly* (Though I do have to admit, The Baroness is darned hot.)

Here's another snip for you!

Heavy Duty told them: "You know the mission: Find Duke..."

"...grab the warheads," Rip said.

"And kill all the bad guys," Scarlett said.

"Roger that," Heavy D said.

Snake Eyes, of course, said nothing.

But they all knew that when it came to killing bad guys, he was the man.

On the Harry Potter end of things, I watched the first half of the new movie tonight, will probably finish the rest off tomorrow. amanuensis1 summed up my basic feelings on things so far:

"-Am still convinced that Rickman could make a rock orgasm just with his voice."

Gah. Such a big reminder of one of the reasons why I fell in love with Snape's character! I just closed my eyes and listened to his voice. It's like a physical thing stroking your ears. Gah. *melts*

And a second HP thing! Snape/Draco is one of my least favorite pairings, but oh my god, littlemute might successfully win me over! Look at Draco's face in the last panel... Eeeeee, so broken! Eeee! (That's actually part two, see the previous post in her journal for part one.) I never get tired of looking at that. Snape in the first panel rocks, too.
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