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Am I playing for the wrong team? (WoW)

Bored, I rolled a human character today. That The Craft Of War: Blind video strongly tempted me towards a rogue, but I figured warrior would be easier for a throw-away character.

Little did I expect to fall in love.

I'm guessing that warrior (so hard not to call it "WAR") is easier pre-10 than many other jobs? Hunter I semi-struggled and druid was an all-out chore. Warrior? Easy as pie. On top of that, quests around the human starting town are so much easier! Everything's so darned close! Both of my previous two characters were tauren, which means running 47875017 miles for every single quest. Even getting to Stormwind was a short run!

And Stormwind! My first time on WoW having a real connection with a city. Org never did anything for me. I hate Cliche Bluff Thunder Bluff. Undercity needs to be burnt to the, um, ground (underground?). Silvermoon City? Meh. But Stormwind! It's so pretty! And the statues! And everything's so white and clean and bright! And there are eee pretty horses everywhere!

Only thing I didn't like was the players. I know one day isn't enough to judge things on, but wow, the Ally side seems so much less mature (yes, the Horde is far from a mature group, but from what I saw today, Ally is a lot worse). And man, they fight so much! Every town I entered, every darned wide spot in the road, had a duel going on. I wanted to shake the whole lot of them and tell them to get along.

It's kind of very rough starting out 'alone' (my druid had 96 bag slots when he started and as much gold as he needed), but I can't get stuff across the fraction line to my human. Luckily I made 3 gold signing up for peoples' guilds. Good money for a starting player!

But seriously, wow. Warrior feels like a machine. It's a little annoying to lack a healing ability, but I kill things so fast!

I tried to get a good screenshot of him, but the sun was already going down so everything came out too dark. Tomorrow!
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