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Song of Ice and Fire

I keep meaning to sit down and write about this (as well as Hunter PvP in WoW) but I keep not having time for a long, thoughtful post.

The short version: Some of the best book(s) I've ever read! I'm still just on the first one, but I'm so very in love. Every single character is so perfect and real! And, somehow, in just a matter of words, the book pulls me so fully in! I wish I had more than an hour a day to read.

But that's not the point of this post! Eeeeee, I'm so excited about the news on the Game of Thrones HBO miniseries! Among great, great casting, the production team is the same one that did Rome and John Adams! Two of the most beautiful, well done miniseries in a while!

If you've not been following the casting news, Sean Bean is Eddard, Mark Addy is King Robert, Peter Dinklage is Tyrion (eee!).
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