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Hunter in WoW PvP

Since I may never have time for a long, involved post, let's have a quick one!

Short version of the story: I'm really enjoying PvP, but I seem to suck at it.

The seeming issue: I have no way to cure myself.

When I stand at a distance and shoot, everything's all well and good until someone notices me. Then, even if I try to run away, I'm generally dead. They either pull me in, do a charge at me, stun me, sleep me, root me, or otherwise stop me from escaping with my furry hide in one piece.

My first thought was maybe that Hunter just wasn't a good PvP job, but lots of melee jobs must have zero ability to cure themselves (other than bandages and potions).

My second was maybe what I'm thinking of as me sucking is actually expected. Does one (DPS) generally die as soon as other people notice them? My armor is not top notch (I know better would help), but everyone else can't have the best stuff, there has to be other folks like me with just average stuff? (Or maybe my stuff is below average! No idea!)

I'm thinking my druid would rock in this, but he's only level 36 now and I'm lucky if I get a level a week (I really, really hate XPing), so it'll be forever until he's ready (unless I did the lower level ones).

So does this seem normal or do I suck? Am I missing some basic thing that would let me heal myself in PvP? (One battlefield had some clickable object that would make something (Fel Something) that would heal us, but I haven't found them in other battlefields. I don't generally party with folks, if I did would they cure me? (WoW seems rather 'every man for himself'-ish, so I was expecting that to be a 'no'.)

I generally do Wintergrasp, though I like most of the other ones, too.
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