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On Sunday I did more WoW PvP. Four hours, on top of the three hours on Saturday. Overdose! Unfortunately it wasn't much fun at all, but mostly because the other people were some of the worst MMO folks I've ever encountered.

Can someone explain how, on an MMO, that people can argue who is a nerd? (Though I suppose I could be thankful that they were saying nerd instead of gay...)

Person #1: You're a nerd! Your armor sucks!
Person #2: No! You're a nerd! All you do is instances and XP, you know nothing about PvP!

Hours of that, on top of hours of endless people berating and belittling everyone else on the raid group chat channel. How many times did I hear "Name, you just cost us the whole entire battle by doing X!" Where X could be something as minor as fighting on a road or killing an NPC or lord knows what else.

On top of that, seven hours of all the same battlefield and we had one single win. Yes, I supposedly have fun either way, but endless losing makes it hard to see the point in trying anymore.

FFXI: It's hard to believe I quit just over a month ago. Feels like forever ago. I'm missing the stupidest things, too. Know those stairs in Ordelle's Caves that are so impossible to run up? Why in the world would I be missing doing that? Bah.

TV: WAHHHH! I thought there were six seasons of House out now, but it's only five! Which means I'm almost caught up! I'm early in the season (on ep 6 now), but this seems like the weakest season thus far. Or maybe it's just that Thirteen sucks enough to ruin the whole season.

I've been trying to figure out what to try next, so I grabbed Merlin's first season to check that out.

I've had a headache for two days now, too. Stupid sinuses, stop being hurting!
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