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Worst thing about endless PvP? Music getting stuck in your head! (WoW)

Once I hit 20, Arathi Basin opened up to me. I was ready to give up on PvPing for XP thanks to WG, but wow, I'm glad I gave AB a chance. About 2,500 XP for a win, 1,000 XP for a loss. I got two full levels today, which I'd never ever do while doing quests (usually by the time I get to one full level I'm ready to uninstall the game).

Darned 'end of battle' music is stuck in my head though. The term 'music' being used loosely, the series of six notes. Out, out, damned music!

Seeing how the level range is 20-29 and I started at 20, it was a bit of a rough time... but far from impossible. Oh I died a hell of a lot, but I didn't die a lot, too. I successfully solo killed a level 29 warlock! (Yay go go go silence ability!) I also nearly killed a level 28 hunter multiple times. And I had a really amusing time swinging at a level 29 hunter, he kept /laughing at me, letting me swing away at him while he killed off other people. :D

Thistle's PvP hate list:
1) Hunters with spider pets. Grrrr being webbed in place to be killed from afar!
2) Anything that can fear me. Just stand there and be killed, you!
3) Stealthed rogues one-shotting me. D: Leave a fellow rogue alone!
4) Gnomes and dwarfs. You must be this tall to ride the PvP. Go home.

Thistle's PvP love list:
1) Being chased by a pack of alliance. This makes me giggle endlessly! No matter if I'm caught or get away, it's all good!
2) Chasing people down and killing them. Sometimes I worry at the joy this gives me. :E
3) Killing people in general. See #2!

I love the communication you can have with the other side, when no common language is shared. I dueled a druid twice in a row (she was a couple levels over me), and won both time! "Hotgirls" and I had had fun /emoting (and chasing!) each other between our battles. :D Silly name though she had, it was oodles of fun.

BUT! Eeeee, even better than that, naikitty, after mocking me soundly and calling me a nooblet :D , took me off to help me get a mask! Eeeee, I look like a rogue! We ended up going through an instance to get it (twice!), which got me lots of nice blues and I'm sure help me stay alive (and kill folks!) in all my PvPing.

I really, really, really can't wait to be higher level. I'll be interested to see how I do when not fighting people 9 levels above me. :P

Unfortunately this is really showing me that rogue really doesn't match my playing style though. Stealth? What stealth? I just charge right at things... including things like level 29 warriors. Heehee. Stealth is so slow! And it's so hard to get lined up behind things! The whole fight could be over and done before I get into position! (He's my RP character though, so no option for switching out.)

As apparently all of your team's HKs count as your own, I'm not sure what the value of that is. I got it today, when I only started PvPing last night...

It was a good mix of a day. Lots of XP gotten, then by the time I was tired of that, all the RP was coming out to play! I kind of feel bad, because I've looked down on it in the past, but I had forgotten that walk up and random RP can actually be pretty darned cool. I just started talking to someone who was randomly sitting next to me at an IC event and it turned into a whole relationship thing! And that other people could just walk up to us and start talking, and there were other scene/conversations nearby... it made the city seem so real! Kind of cool. :D

I really have to get over the FFXI mindset on accepting gifts though. I ICly robbed a guy (my OOC friend) and he wanted to give me 20 gold. I refused it, even though he's 80 and I'm 20 -- I know 20 gold is nothing to an 80 and it would have been a lot to me, but... but it just makes me feel bad to take money for something like that. Silly brain, stop thinking like that! Heehee. He's one of my character's best friends, so it amuses me OOCly just to have stolen from him.
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