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Char siu sauce & I'm insane! (Cooking, WoW)

laurelwood's mistake is our gain! She had meant to buy hoisin sauce and got char siu instead, and posted about it. So, curious, I tried it out as well!

Test one: Pork chop. Marinated 24 hours. Results? Meh. Had no flavor. Sad!
Test two: Chicken breasts. Marinated 24 hours. Results? MMMMMM! Yummiest thing ever!

So a big big big thumbs up for char siu! I could eat nothing but chicken breasts in it for the rest of my life! Mmm!


WoW: Maybe 'insane' isn't the right word. I hate doing instances and dungeons and all that. I avoid doing them even with my good friends. So what on god's green earth made me accept an invite from randoms? Well, okay, I was thinking better armor would be good for PvP and "free" XP, and I got both, but still... So very not worth it. BFD is now my least favorite place in the game. Fighting underwater? Ceilings so low little elf me couldn't even see? (Thankfully I wasn't there on my main! He's four or five times as tall!) Gah, I hated every single second of it... more than two hours worth of seconds. I did get three blues I'll use and a bunch of crap to sell, but it took all my RP time. :(

PvPed muchly in the morning. Between the two events, got two and a half levels. Speedy me!

I was having such a wonderfully nice relaxing weekend... ending on a stressed note thanks to BFD. Blah!
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